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Hospice of Michigan Mobile App

My team built an app for Hospice of Michigan to help families stay connected when they have a loved one in hospice. The app keeps them connected with the care their loved one is receiving. Read about it at CBS Detroit. You can also see a demo video on YouTube.

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Browser Stats

Here are the browser stats for my site from Jan 15 2013 to Feb 14 2013:

Browser Percent
Chrome 47.35
IE 26.41
Firefox 22.49
Safari 2.36
Opera 0.98
Android 0.41

And more detail for IE:

Version Percent
10.0 12.65
9.0 42.9
8.0 38.58
7.0 5.56
6.0 0.31

I am still seeing a lot of IE8, and more 7 than I expected.

And lastly, mobile devices:

Browser Percent
iPad 48
iPhone 26
Android 19
Blackberry 4
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Getting Started in Enterprise Mobility

If you are thinking about building enterprise mobile apps, you should be thinking about something else first:

Web Services

You are going to need a way to move data to and from devices, and you’ll need the services before you can build those apps. Start planning on those services now, leverage your existing team to build out WCF or JAX-RS APIs for the data you to need to share or accept. All that talk a few years back about SOA is now coming to fruition with an expanding new generation of consumers of web services.

Here’s another hint on that front:


Unfortunately, most of that talk about SOA a few years back focused on SOAP services, and things like WS-*. Mobile devices have a constrained network pipe, so you want the smallest message possible. Sorry XML. Also, mobile devices tend to be CPU constrained, so you don’t want to do a bunch of parsing either. Sorry XML. As an added bonus, web apps are good at consuming JSON as well.

Start with services, then move on to the mobile apps.

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